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HL Insertion Tool™ Single Use

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HL Insertion Tool™ Single Use

World’s First Single-Use Insertion Tool

Current literature demonstrates that “improper cleaning and/or sterilization of the Furlow Insertion Instrument may represent a source of infection for patients undergoing penile prosthesis implantation.”

Experts articulate that “a disposable Furlow inserter might offer the opportunity to reduce the risks of contamination associated with improper instrument handling and impact the rate of device infection.”

The single-use Insertion Tool is one of the many innovations Rigicon has introduced to the practice of prosthetic urology.



Needle Stays in Place

Novel obturator tip design holds the needle firmly, eliminating the need to apply constant pressure on the pull sutures to keep the needle in place.


Single-Use Polymer Material

Designed and manufactured by Rigicon.
No hassle to reprocess & resterilize. Single-use and provided as sterile.