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Uresta Bladder Support

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The uresta® bladder support is a safe, simple and easy-to-use reusable that really works – the bell shape supports the urethra to help significantly reduce or stop leaks. Clinical studies showed that 17 out of 20 women saw a significant reduction in leaking while leaks were completely eliminated for 6 out of 10 women.11

If you’re used to disposables

Most disposables absorb leaks rather than stopping them like uresta®. You have to carry them around with you and they can be bulky and messy and uncomfortable and awkward12. You have to change them often and worry about the next leak out – plus you’re spending a lot of money13 and filling up landfill sites.

Inserting uresta® is a lot like using a tampon

Once inserted, the bell shape works with your body, supporting the urethra to help significantly reduce or stop leaks. It’s easy to use uresta® – the narrow tip and handle make it easy to insert and remove and it’s easy to clean

Getting started is simple

It’s easy to find your fit – you just need a uresta® Starter Kit. The Starter Kit contains the three sizes most common for women. Start with the smallest size and try each size to decide which one is right for you. And remember: the size you are on the inside has nothing to do with the size you are on the outside, so expect to need to try a few sizes before you find the one that is right for you.

Inserting uresta®

The uresta® bladder support is simple to use: you simply insert it into your vagina until the bell shape presses gently against the vaginal wall to support the urethra. Some women find it helps to use a little lubrication to help place it (you can’t do this with disposable bladder supports)15.

Over time, it feels like there’s nothing there

Some women get used to the feel of their uresta® right away. For others, it can take a few weeks or a couple of months until you find the correct placement and it feels like there’s nothing there at all. You also shouldn’t be put off if you still leak a little at first. This can be because your body is getting used to the fit or because you’re one of the 20% for whom leaking will continue but at a significantly reduced rate – and still can be quite liberating16.

Flexible to your needs

You know your body best. Use your uresta® during the day and remove it at bedtime. Or use it during an activity that causes leaks and remove it once you’re done. Some women even use two different sizes: one for everyday use and one for exercise or more strenuous activities. You don’t need to take it out to pee or have a bowel movement but you do need to remove it before sexual intercourse17.

Replace it every year

We recommend replacing your uresta® after a year of use or if a defect (i.e. crack) develops in it.18 This is still more cost effective and environmentally friendly than disposables.

Uresta is now fully refundable within 30 days of purchase! 

Uresta is also available to purchase in 3 monthly installments over 3 months. To find out more, call iMEDicare today on 01923 237 795.

UR208-EU     Uresta Bladder Support Starter Pack  (size 2,3,4)  (38mm,43mm,48mm)- £179 net of VAT

Pack of 3 above - 2 samples included at no cost


UR202-EU     Uresta Bladder Support Individual - Size 2 (34mm)    - £179 net of VAT​

UR203-EU     Uresta Bladder Support Individual - Size 3 (38mm)    - £179 net of VAT

UR204-EU     Uresta Bladder Support Individual - Size 4 (43mm)    - £179 net of VAT

UR205-EU     Uresta Bladder Support Individual - size 5 (48mm)    - £179 net of VAT

UR206-EU     Uresta Bladder Support Individual - size 6 (52mm)    - £179 net of VAT

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