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INNOVO® for Women


Innovotherapy – What is it?

Innovotherapy is a non-invasive way to restore your pelvic floor, treating the primary cause of urinary leaks rather than just masking the symptoms.

Using a hand held controller that is attached to a two part garment, Innovotherapy sends targeted impulses via a set of conductive pads (attached to your upper thigh and buttocks) to safely and effectively activate all the muscles of the pelvic floor or to calm your bladder. It is a proven technology which has been designed to optimally strengthen your pelvic floor with 180 perfect contractions per session, allowing the device to do your pelvic floor exercises for you. No it’s not cheating, it’s just very clever. Innovotherapy, already used by thousands of women, is safe and can be used in the privacy and comfort of your home for lasting results.


INNOVO Starter Kit

£99.99 upfront, followed by 5 monthly installments or one-time payment of £324.9 (call +441923237795 for details)


INNOVO Shorts Pack

The pack includes INNOVO Shorts in your preferred size, a 250ml bottle of INNOVO Spray and a Quick Start Guide to assist you in getting the most from your INNOVO. This pack is compatible with the INNOVO controller. Simply connect the controller and cable to the Shorts to get started. NOTE: The INNOVO Shorts Pack does NOT contain the INNOVO controller. Contains garment & spray only.


Recommended and clinically proven

Results from an independent study prove that women who experience stress incontinence will experience significant improvements in as little as four weeks by using INNOVO® five days a week for 30 minutes. After 12 weeks of treatment the participants were defined as having ‘dry’ or ‘mild’ severity of symptoms.1 So it won’t take long to get your confidence back.

You are not alone. 1 in 3 women suffer from leaks every day. The most common causes are:

Pregnancy places a lot of new additional stress on your pelvic floor muscles, causing them to weaken in as little as twelve weeks.


Athletic women are also part of the millions of women at high risk of suffering leaks.

High impact exercise

Over 50% of all women experiencing menopause suffer from urinary incontinence.



Choosing the correct size

INNOVO sizes are a little different to dress or trouser sizes, so you’ll need to measure yourself to find your INNOVO fit. Our sizing guide will help you find the perfect INNOVO fit and will ensure you get the most out of your treatment. The garment is unisex, so is suitable for use by women and men.

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Want to know more?

Innovo is now available for online purchase / instalment purchase now from iMEDicare. Purchase now from our online store!