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Welcome to iMEDicare

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Welcome to iMEDicare

iMEDicare Ltd is a dynamic and rapidly growing Medical Device Distributor (established 2004) offering an exciting range of unique and market leading medical products for patient use in the fields of Urology and Continence Management / Treatment throughout the UK and Ireland.

Estabilished in 2004

iMEDicare was set up in 2004 by Darren Breen (BSc Medical Sciences / MBA) having worked in the medical device sales industry for over 10 years beforehand.

“We wanted to service the needs of patients with pelvic health concerns using devices that were easy to use – medically approved but did what they say on the tin with a high degree of reliability. All too often the healthcare fraternity looks to pharma or surgery to solve a problem that can either be managed safely and effectively with a device, or even treated in a natural way with-out the risk of invasive surgical procedures or the adverse side effects of medications. The technology behind material and device science evolves year on year and now more than ever there has been a recognition that devices can positively transform a patient users quality of life when utilised and customized correctly. Our mission statement is to ensure that no patient who could benefit from a device is unaware of their value, then to ensure they get optimal results by correct customization and product use training – a truly tailored patient centred approach.”

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Our motto is “Pelvic Health Naturally”

Our motto is “Pelvic Health Naturally” – premised on the ability of living tissues to react positively to clinically approved therapeutic measures in a pelvic health context. Our logo features a very interesting version of the infinity symbol in blue – which also looks like the Pelvic Girdle bone structure. This symbol represents a sense of simplicity and balance – an important tenet in providing effective healthcare solutions and achieving optimal pelvic health.

We offer a unique blend of professional and patient product training in Clinical and Home environments which are designed to improve individual product customizability, user uptake and long-term patient compliance and satisfaction.

Quick Facts about iMEDicare:

  • Over 15 years in Business
  • Almost all of the products we supply are available for direct purchase (online or telephone) for home use
  • All of our products are used / recommended by the NHS and private Healthcare Institutions, some via GP prescription.
  • We have a Team of 12 Full time Medical Reps covering all areas of the UK and Ireland. Our reps help us support raising funds for charities in their own time – most frequently Prostate Cancer UK.
  • We offer free Clinic / Home patient assessment (device suitability) and product training
  • We’ve helped over 200,000 customers either restore sexual function or manage their incontinence issues
  • We exhibit at over 150 professional medical and consumer exhibitions per year
  • We are corporate partners with the British Association of Urology Nurses (B.A.U.N.) and the Association of Continence Advisors (A.C.A.)
  • We’re proud sponsors of Menopause the Musical II in 2020
  • Trustpilot reviews consistently rate us as “Great” at customer service provision.

A dynamic and exciting range of medical products

We offer a dynamic and exciting range of medical products for patient use in the fields of Urology and Continence Management / Treatment throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our products include:


SOMAerect / SOMATherapy-ED (Manufactured by Augusta Medical LLC, USA - CE) - Erectile Dysfunction Management;

PeniMaster PRO (Manufactured by MSP Concept GmbH, Germany, CE) - penile traction device for lengthening and Peyronie's Disease Management.

MyHixel PRO | MED | TR (New Wellness Concept, SPAIN CE)

Ferticare 2.0 Penile Vibratory System (Reflexonic LLC, USA CE)

Rigicon Surgical Implantables: Testicular / Penile / Bladder Sphincter – (manufactured by Rigicon Inc, USA, CE)


Incontinence Management

Wearever Washable Incontinence Underwear (Manufactured by PLF, USA, CE) – Male / Female Urinary Incontinence Management.

BioDerm XLS (Oval) | Men's Liberty | CathGrip (BioDerm Inc, USA CE)

Paceycuff Urethral Control Device for Male SUI (Manufactured by Pacecuff MedTech, Canada, CE)

afex (Manufactured by Arcus Medical LLC, USA - CE) - Male Urinary Incontinence Management;

Rigicon Surgical Implantables: ContiClassic A.U.S. – (manufactured by Rigicon Inc, USA, CE)


We represent the following Brands


Brands we represent


Accreditations / Affiliations

Medical Industry Accredited
Medical Industry Accredited


Association for Continence Advice

Corporate Member

British Association Of Urology Nurses

Corporate Member


ISO9001 approved!

Imedicare Ltd is ISO9001 approved!

Imedicare Ltd is ISO9001 approved! ISO 9001 is a Quality Management System (QMS) which gives organizations a systematic approach for meeting customer objectives and providing consistent quality.