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Soma Size to Fit Concept

SOMAerect Vacumm Erection Devices

Improve your erectile and sexual health!

The SOMAerect product range represents the new generation of uniquely customizable vacuum therapy systems for restoring penile health. They combine the latest technological advances in the field with a sleek attractive design that is amazingly simple to use. The effortless ultra-ease pumping action offers a powerful but gentle way of inducing full penile rigidity every time.


The Importance of Size-to-Fit (STF)

The SOMAerect product range uniquely offers 5 cylinder sizing options so you can almost precisely find the diameter sizing option that neatly fits your fully rigid penis size. This prevents loose non-penile tissue from around the base of the penis (supra-pubic fat or scrotal skin) being drawn into the mouth of the cylinder during erection creation and being compressed uncomfortably with the transfer of the erection ring - as would be the case with a conventional vacuum therapy device. The use of SOMAerect ‘sizing’ technology guarantees a much more comfortable erection experience.

Size to fit

Size to fit

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Uniquely customizable

A new generation of uniquely customizable vacuum therapy systems for restoring penile health.

How does SOMAerect Vacuum Therapy help?

  • 1) The penis is positioned inside
  • 2) Pumping periodically over a 1-3 minute period pulls blood into the penis creating a fully rigid erection
  • 3) An Erection Maintenance Ring is transferred from the device cylinder to the base of the penis against the body wall. Removal of the cylinder allows full sexual intercourse to take place


Three Steps

A Comprehensive range of Maintenance Ring Tensions:

The large range of re-useable erection maintenance rings, exclusive to SOMAerect, gives you an unparalleled choice (4 Types with a total of 15 different pressures) of material types, ring pressures and dexterity requirements to guarantee greater comfort, effectiveness and ease of use in maintaining your vacuum induced erection

Three Steps


What comes with the SOMAerect Vacuum

Discreet Shipping - 90 day money back garuantee - Standard lifetime warranty - Instructions and accessories - Dedicated customer support