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Lumana protective activewear

Lumana Activewear

Protective Activewear For Bodies That Move

Don’t let sweat, menstruation, or leakage stop you. Lumana’s patented design keeps you feeling confident - whether tackling the tennis courts, the race track, or just life in general.


Designed for your active lifestyle

Lumana strives to provide fun, yet functional solutions to bladder leaks, menstrual leaks, and sweat care for women of any age and life stage.

LUMANA is all about creating confidence in movement
and creating a movement in confidenc


Your best fit

Lumana Leggings

High-quality leggings and running shorts that keep you going. Get the cut and crop that works best for you.

Available directly from this website. Purchase with confidence.


Functional, stylish, workout clothes

When you’re in the moment, nothing should hold you back – especially embarrassing and uncomfortable discharge.


Discreet and reusable design

Eliminate the need for disposable pads with our simplistic, environmentally friendly design – simply wash, wear & repeat and let the odor-absorbent, non-irritating pad do the heavy lifting!


Lumana bladder support for women

Lumana makes leaks a worry of the past with modern designs helping women move through life worry-free – because the last thing on your mind should be bladder protection! Each product holds up to one half cup of liquid.


Menstruation leak protection

 Let’s be honest, it’s happened to the best of us at least once in our lifetime. With Lumana, there’s no need to worry about those embarrassing, unexpected leaks anymore. Our running shorts have got you covered. The built in absorbent brief can hold menstruation leaks up to the equivalent of a Super Tampon.


Ready for anything

Lumana Running Shorts

Leisurewear that looks just as good at the gym as it does at the grocery store. Feel good in your Lumana activewear no matter what you are doing.

Available directly from this website. Purchase with confidence.