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Pacey Cuff Guard - Reusable Incontinence Pad


Pacey Cuff Guard - Reusable Incontinence Pad

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Guess what? Pacey Cuff MedTech have designed a complete and innovative solution that will keep you dry and free of odours, all day.With the Pacey Cuff Reusable Incontinence Guard, you no longer need to build your lifestyle around managing unwanted leaks. Use the Pacey Cuff Guard with your Pacey Cuff device and stay dry and comfortable all day long.

This unique incontinence pad combines a thick layer of absorbent microfiber cloth with a layer of durable and waterproof neoprene. This creative arrangement absorbs and retains leaks, and keeps you dry all day long.

The Pacey Cuff Incontinence Guard is machine washable for your convenience. You no longer have to spend the extra money on disposable pads or other male urinary incontinence products. The complete Pacey Cuff solution is all you need!