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Lumana Leggings

Lumana Leggings

Stay active. Stay worry-free

Nothing can stop you in this athleticwear – our innovative leggings are designed with ultra-soft stretchy material for full range of motion with a built-in leakage pad that won’t move, regardless of the activity.

When you’re being active, the last thing you want to deal with is an active bladder. Unfortunately, we can’t just stop common bodily functions like periods, leakage, or excessive sweating. Lumana’s fitness leggings with leak-blocking protection allows you the comfort and confidence of doing your thing without the fear of embarrassing spots.

Boasting ultra-soft and breathable fabric, these leggings offer full movement without the pad slipping out of place. Even more exciting, the built-in pad isn’t thick or bulky, so movement doesn’t feel obstructed or awkward. Lumana’s leakproof athletic bottoms are a must-have for women, everywhere.


The benefits of a period pad without the bulk

Lumana’s built-in super thin – yet super absorbent – pad holds up to 12 mL of blood or the equivalent of a super Tampon, eliminating smells, and leaks while guaranteeing peace of mind.

  • Protection against bladder leaks/sweat up to 3oz and menstrual leaks up to 12.9mL or about 2 regular tampons* *1 regular tampon holds about 5mL
  • A flattering high-waist cut keeps belly in while also ensuring leggings don’t pull down
  • Comfortable, elastic that seamlessly fits all different body shapes
  • Premium-quality stitching that ensures many years of use 72% Nylon and 28% Spandex
  • Moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and lightweight – Perfect for all seasons Full-length (25” inseam)
  • Deep side pocket to hold phone, keys, etc.
  • Inner padding to hold in moisture and leakage FSA/HSA Eligible


All day protection

Our built-in padding ensures all-day protection from incontinence, leakage, menstruation, and sweat with an incontinence absorbency of up to 3 oz. and menstruation absorbency that equals that of a super tampon.


Flexible material

Stretchy material offers a 360-degree range of motion without the pad bunching up or moving out of place. High-waisted cut and seams creating a very flattering fit, Lumana’s Yoga Pants will leave you looking as good as you feel


Side pockets for an active woman

As any active woman knows, pockets are a must! This leisurewear has a side pocket that can contain a cell phone, wallet, keys, or any small items you need for your run, workout, or just to juggle errands. Deep pockets mean little risk of any items falling out.


Discreet and reusable design

Eliminate the need for disposable pads with our simplistic, environmentally friendly design – simply wash, wear & repeat and let the odor-absorbent, non-irritating pad do the heavy lifting!


Don't sweat the small stuff

Made with a moisture-wicking, lightweight Nylon-Spandex blend, our workout leggings keep you dry, so you can go straight from the gym to the store without feeling sweaty and smelly.