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Penimaster for Peyronies disease

Penimaster for Peyronies disease

Inherent curvature of the penis (penile deviation)

It is common that an erection is not absolutely straight and is characterised by a mild curvature.

A slight penile curvature does not limit ability to engage in sexual intercourse. However, there may be a desire for straightening due to aesthetic or psychological reasons, particularly regarding downward curvatures or curvatures to one side.

Erectile angles of curvature of more than approx. 30 degrees (e.g. Peyronie’s Condition) can make introitus (vaginal penetration) more difficult and may cause discomfort for the partner. Even stronger curvatures (Peyronies disease) may render the penetration close to impossible (buckling effect or simply an awkward shape to shape fit issue). Such a pronounced penile deviation can be corrected surgically by removing a tolerable loss of penile tissue substance of the longer non-fibrosed side (so-called Nesbit technique) – see below for more information on surgical approach solutions..


Acquired penile curvature (Peyronie / IPP)

Regarding a modification of the penile tissue named after its discoverer (Francois de la Peyronie), Peyronie’s Disease – also known as Induratio penis plastica, IPP) is a strong curvature or a strong angularity of up to 90 degrees (or more) that frequently occurs with the consequence of painful erections (during the ACTIVE inflammatory phase), erectile dysfunction (secondary to dorsal impedance of penile circulation or reduced sexual activity), or loss of sensitivity of the glans (dorsal impedance of nerve conduction). The penis may also shorten significantly in light of the curvature, or more so if there is an associated erectile dysfunction (dis-use atrophy).

Peyronies disease is a diagnostically palpable induration (so-called "plaque"), presumably a consequence of an inflammation between the cavernous bodies organ and their adventitia (tunica). Peyronie’s occurs in people between 20 and 80 years of age and must not be confused with an inherited (congenital) penile curvature which men are born with – and is relatively common in minor angulations.


Treatment options of peyronie

The medical treatment of Peyronie’s disease with non-specific preparations or physical therapies (radiotherapy, ultrasound, laser) do not always achieve the desired symptomatic improvement or cure.

The most commonly recommended conservative management approach involves use of the “SOMACorrect Vacuum Erection Device” – indicated when the penile plaque (scar tissue) has not calcified or there is an element of associated erectile dysfunction.


Different operational methods

There are different operational methods in order to treat a strong plaque-related curvature of the penis. The removal of healthy tissue on the opposite side of the plaque is an established method within the framework of which the penis will be shortened (so-called Nesbit technique). The removal and substitution of the plaque by healthy tissue found in the body or collagen (LUE Procedure) is more complex and difficult to achieve. The cavernous bodies can be replaced by a Penile implant as the definitive solution.


PeniMaster® for acquired and inherited penile curvature

The penile extenders PeniMaster and PeniMaster PRO can generally help in reducing curvatures of the penis from peyronie.

The application of PeniMaster PRO at the beginning of Peyronies disease can counteract a progressive penis curvature. Even before a penis is straightened by an operation within the framework of Peyronies disease or inherited penile deviation, wearing an expander may already result in an established curvature being straightened so that less healthy tissue must be removed from the member for compensation purposes and the penile shortening may be smaller. An extender may also be used to counteract the retractive scar-healing procedure and therefore help establishing the operation result also after peyronie operation.


What is PeniMaster®PRO?

In connection with PeniMaster PRO the rod pulling force generator allows for elongating the penis in an axially symmetrical manner without abutment far from the penis (attachment location). This means that no other bodily part or piece of clothing is required to generate the pulling force on the glans chamber and that the pulling force is nearly the same at all positions of the penis. By using the rod expander the penis can be elongated either in an upwards or a downwards direction or diagonally – and this has proven to be unobtrusive, even under normal clothing. Thus, many activities of day-to-day life can be implemented without any problems. Regular exposure to sustained traction force eventually induces cell differentiation in the axial plane of tension. Additional tissue mass leads to over all penile lengthening. In a Peyronie’s context, even with a calcified plaque, the shorter inward curving penis side is under greater traction and experiences more tissue mass growth – reducing the imbalance in length – thereby reducing the curvature over time.


PeniMaster®PRO is safe and effective - British Journal of Urology (BJUI) Volume123, Issue 4, Pages: i-v, 557-739, April 2019

PeniMaster®PRO is safe and effective - British Journal of Urology (BJUI) Volume123, Issue 4, Pages: i-v, 557-739, April 2019

Controlled clinical study in the British Journal of Urology: PeniMaster®PRO is safe and effective in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease (curvature of the penis) - the device can be used as an alternative to an operation

How to use PeniMaster®PRO
Penimaster Pro - Easy, Safe, and Effective Glans Fixation
PeniMaster PRO - Tutorial, tips + tricks regarding application
PeniMaster PRO - Schematic representation PeniMaster PRO (computer animation)

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PeniMaster®PRO is an anatomically self-adapting connection to the glans of the penis. The device provides for physiologically proper fixation of the glans, in order to be able to elongate the penis in connection with pulling force generators. The product is suitable for men of any age with circumcised and uncircumcised penis, and matches each glans and, thus, penis size.

You can purchase the PeniMaster PRO today - complete with Free Televideo Training by your local iMEDicare Medical Device Technician.