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Men's 2-in-1 Boxer

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Men's 2-in-1 Boxer

SKU: MB-200
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Zero VAT Rated Options Available

Before purchasing Men's 2-in-1 Boxer please read the Zero VAT Rating Claim conditions.

Please Note: You MUST be a UK Citizen to claim Zero VAT Rating, and you will be asked to provide a valid eSignature upon purchase.

Zero VAT Rating Claim Conditions

VAT Exemption
If you are an individual purchasing Wearever for the treatment of incontinence (pelvic floor weakness/bladder weakness), please tick the box to confirm that you are eligible for the 0% VAT rate when ordering.

You are eligible for VAT relief on your order if:

You are not purchasing for a state regulated care or welfare provider or institution such as a nursing home or hospital, or for any other commercial purpose


You are purchasing Wearever products for yourself or a member of your immediate family who suffers from urinary incontinence for your, or their, personal use in managing that condition


You, or the person for whom you are making this purchase, are not an in-patient or resident of an institution such as a hospital or nursing care home.

More information about VAT relief on our products can be found on the HMRC website.

Please consult the Sizing Chart before purchasing!



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Wearever Men's Incontinence 2-in-1 Boxers provide the same comfort, style and protection as our Classic Incontinence Briefs but in your favorite boxer style. These Incontinence Boxers will last between 200-250 washes, making them a more practical and environmentally sound solution than other disposable incontinence products. These are suitable for men with light incontinence.

First Pair Guarantee Program

If you buy a 3 pack, we guarantee the first pair for another size or style or absorbency, or refund all three, provided 2 of the 3 pairs are unused within 30 days of initial trial.

7 Pack Special Offer

When buying a 6 pack of Wearever, the 7th pair is free.

*All Measurements are Waist Measurements


Wearever Mens Sizing Chart


Wearever Absorbancy Chart