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Pelvic Floor Health


Enna Pelvic Floor Health

Enna pelvic ball the best solution for urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence affects 1 in 4 women in the UK and Ireland from the age of 35 *

Physiotherapeutic rehabilitation of the pelvic floor can improve urinary incontinence in women **

The pelvic floor is not rigid, it is dynamic, it adapts to movement and changes in posture. Always maintaining an adequate tension. When it weakens, the structures it supports descend and therefore its function is altered.


The pelvic floor musculature consists of:

Striated musculature 20%

Of the total of the musculature and can be worked with the Kegel exercises, providing strength to the pelvic floor.


Smooth muscles 80%

It is responsible for the tone and resistance of the pelvic floor, being an involuntary muscle and accounts for 80% of the total musculature.


How do we exercise the smooth muscles? With the enna pelvic ball!

Thanks to its irregular diamond-shaped interior, the sphere vibrates more intensely, colliding with the internal walls.

This vibration causes the muscles of the pelvic floor to react and contract immediately and involuntarily.


Purchase enna ball now!

Physiotherapists specialized in the pelvic floor indicate that the most important factor in a pelvic floor exerciser is not in size or weight, but in the vibrations that it provides.

Enna pelvic ball with its irregular diamond-shaped interior causes intense vibrations when hitting the inner walls of the vaginal sphere, increasing blood circulation, muscle tone and lubrication.

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