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MYHIXEL I Device + Play TR

MYHIXEL TR is the latest innovation and it’ll enable you to enjoy sex more and more.

It’s a program which will help you learn, in a completely natural way, how to control when you ejaculate. It’s a pioneering system that combines the fun experience of MYHIXEL Play TR with the advanced pleasure device, MYHIXEL I, to achieve total ejaculatory control and enjoy your progress at the same time. And, if you need extra help, we can offer you our Online Consultation Service where you can receive simple discreet advice from a sexual health expert.

MYHIXEL, an introductional video

An introduction into the benefits of MYHIXEL MD

MYHIXEL Introduction


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Myhixel Tr

MYHIXEL I Device + Play TR

MYHIXEL I Device + Play TR