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Why Use NOVOGLAN - Class-1 Medical Device

NOVOGLAN® Non-Surgical Phimosis Treatment – Foreskin Tissue Expander

  • Clinically Proven to Treat Phimosis without surgery
  • 90+% of men achieved full foreskin retraction after treatment
  • Powerful, Painless & Permanent Result
  • Just 30 minutes a day for six weeks
  • Stop Suffering. Treat Phimosis. Save your Foreskin.

NOVOGLAN® uses a scientifically supported skin stretching technique

NOVOGLAN® offers a simple and effective solution, founded on scientifically proven skin tissue expansion. Extraordinary results can be achieved by applying gentle and controlled pressure across the foreskin, regularly over a few weeks. For most men, this will provide a permanent fix to their tight foreskin condition.

How to use NOVOGLAN

How to use NOVOGLAN Phimosis Treatment

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How does the skin stretch to loosen a tight foreskin?

When the skin tissues are subjected to gentle and painless mechanical stretching, they are stimulated to grow through the process of 'mitosis' to form new skin cells that leads to the increase of the surface area of the skin being stretched.


NOVOGLAN® Non-Surgical Phimosis Treatment – Foreskin Expander Kit

What’s included in this total phimosis treatment kit:

1 x patented NOVOGLAN® Foreskin Tissue Expander Device – clinically proven to treat phimosis in adults

4 x Novo-Inflator™ Silicone Stretching Balloons – engineered for highly sensitive foreskin & glans tissue

1 x NOVOGLAN® Balloon Insertion Guide Rod – for even the most severe Grade 1 or ‘pin-hole’ phimosis

1 x Stopcock tap system

1 x NOVOGLAN® Squeeze Bulb Inflator System

56 x NOVOGLAN® Cotton Foreskin Cleaning Buds

56 x NOVOGLAN® Balloon Cleaning Alcohol Swabs

1 x NOVOGLAN® Step by Step Instruction Sheet


Balloon Stretching verses Steel Skin Retractors & Rings

Significant Research and Development completed by Platigo Solutions -

NOVOGLAN determined what the optimal process to stretch human foreskin should be. The results are supported by peer reviewed clinical studies. The key principles for stretching skin for long term results were found to be:

• Gentle, regular & even pressure

• Painless, no tearing or cutting

• Slow, repetitive, & comfortable

Peer reviewed Scientific Journals have repeatedly reported that to get optimal foreskin stretching you must avoid anything that causes inflammation. Inflammation is the enemy of skin stretching. Pain, too harsh a stretching process or instrument, and tearing or cutting will trigger inflammation. Inflammation makes skin cells less receptive to stretching and often causes further tightening.

Balloon based stretching is gentle and allows the user to apply the correct amount of pressure evenly across the skin without inducing pain, cutting or tearing the foreskin. Steel forcep like devices with two or three tips have been around since the 1870s and were found to make the foreskin more at risk of tightening due to too much pressure focused on a few points, instead of evenly across the surface. This leads to micro tears, inflammation, and often pain and almost certainly interferes with stretching. The steel forceps cannot be used on pin-hole phimosis as they wont work if the hole has a diameter of less than 6mm, usually. Whereas the NOVOGLAN balloon will work with only a pin hole diameter of 1.5mm or more.

Rings may look soft and smooth, however, they have mircoscopic sharp edges that can cause micro tears and cuts which can make your phimosis more severe or worsten. Novoglan balloon is smooth at all times and has been specifically designed to treat phimosis. Steel Retractor stretching is not approved for use in phimosis due to the risks associated with using the device. However, NOVOGLAN Balloon stretching has a GMDN Certification and the ARTG number is 168962. Novoglan has been designed for use in phimosis or for men who choose to preferentially loosen their foreskin. So when you’re thinking about a process to stretch your foreskin you need to avoid anything, too fast, harsh, or likely to cut or tear and cause inflammation. You need to choose a system that is gentle, even, promotes stretching, and will not cut or tear your foreskin.

NOVOGLAN has been independently evaluated and Platigo Solutions operates according to Australia's strict Consumer Regulations. Don’t risk inflaming your foreskin with steel tipped retractors. Try the NOVOGLAN Complete Foreskin Care Kit with the our 365 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Why You Should Choose the NOVOGLAN Treatment

Non-surgical treatment for all grades of Phimosis

Clinically proven by independent leading Urologists

Simple 30 minutes daily treatment at home – see results in just weeks.

100% quality guarantee

Ships free with 100% delivery guarantee

Packaged discreetly with 100% privacy guarantee