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āfex Sedentary

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āfex Sedentary

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I am a UK Citizen, I suffer from Chronic urinary incontinence, and the following goods are being supplied to me for my personal use:

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Afex Sedentary

The āfex system makes managing chronic male incontinence easier than ever. The 96% cotton boxer-briefs discreetly and securely hold a plastic ergonomic curved receptacle inside a front pocket that channels urine into a 500ml reusable collection bag. No tubes or straps are required - just attach the bag directly to the receptacle through the briefs for hours of use without maintenance or changing.

The basic system shown here (āfex Sedentary) can be used for Sedentary daytime use such as golfing, fishing, hiking, bowling, walking, gardening, or travelling. Any general out-door activity!

The āfex Sedentary system shown here is supplied with an extra-capacity bag (1500 ml), and a low style receptacle that is better suited to sitting positions.

For more information, please check out the following PDF document:

Afex Sedentary Contents & NHS Codes

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