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UriCap Female


UriCap Female

Effective urine collection for women

UriCap Female, an innovative and safe approach to management of Urinary Incontinence (UI)

UriCap Female, the first leak-free and external urine collection device for women.

Effective urine collection for women with urine incontinence is an area of women’s healthcare that has been slow to make change and is often times ignored. The current processes often lead to suffering and a low quality of life.

UriCap Female has been developed as the disposable, externally applied device that revolutionizes UI management for women.


Unfortunately iMEDicare is unable to supply UriCap outside of the UK and Ireland!

UriCap can only be supplied by iMEDicare to the UK and Ireland

To make your first experience with the UriCap an easy one, please watch our short application instructions video below.

UriCap Training Video


What is the UriCap Female?

UriCap Female is an Innovative and Safe solution for urine incontinence management in women, the preferred alternative to invasive urine catheters, wet adult briefs, and suction-based devices

The UriCap Female Is made of soft medical grade silicone, connects to a standard urine bag, and relies on natural adhesion and gravity.

It forms a natural seal surrounding the urethral opening preventing leakage and protecting against fecal contamination.

It does not require any use of external suction or glue.

It is disposable (single-use), affordable, and comfortable with up to 24-hour use.



How does the UriCap Female work?

The UriCap Female stays in place naturally by relying on three factors:

  1. 1) A natural adhesion is formed by the continuous surface-to-surface contact between the surface under the UriCap device and the skin surrounding the urethra.
  2. The adhesion allows for sideways motion without friction, all minimizing leakage, discomfort and risks for wounds.
  3. 2) The inner and outer labial folds enclosing the area contribute to keeping the surfaces close together and in place.
  4. 3) Small or larger voids aid in enhancing the natural adhesion forces of the seal as they bring the surfaces closer together. This occurs gradually following application of the UriCap.


Why use the UriCap Female?

The UriCap Female’s unique advantages benefits all levels in the health-care system.

For Nurses and Hospitals

Safe alternative to catheterization

Ideal for obtaining a clean catch urine specimen

Supports non-invasive monitoring of urine output

No suction needed, no sterile procedure needed

Prevention of dermatitis

No sterile procedure required, quick and easy to apply and remove

Reduces demand of heavy lifting 15X ROI after reduction of 300 catheters

Decreases waste and need for storage and shelf space


Why use the UriCap Female?

For Society as a whole

Solution to facilitate care at home for patients with moderate to severe urinary incontinence.

Facilitates continuum of care due to Medicare reimbursement and lower cost compared to suction based devices.

Reduced usage of antibiotics.

A more environmentally sustainable solution.

Improved health and dignity for women.


Why use the UriCap Female?

For Patients and Caregivers

Avoids unnecessary catheterization.

Facilitates care at home.

Lets you and your caregivers sleep through the night while staying dry.

No offensive odor, leading to less social isolation.



A revolution in urine management.

UriCap Female is a non-invasive, external urine collection device designed to fit the female anatomy around the urethra. It connects to a standard urine drainage bag.

UriCap helps prevent contact between urine and the skin, a common reason for skin irritation. UriCap is particularly useful for patients at night or that are bedridden and suffer from urinary incontinence.

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