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SOMAcorrect Xtra


SOMAcorrect Xtra

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The SOMAerect product range represents the new generation of uniquely customizable vacuum therapy systems for restoring penile health. They combine the latest technological advances in the field with a sleek attractive design that is amazingly simple to use. The effortless ultra-ease pumping action offers a powerful but gentle way of inducing full penile rigidity every time.

The Importance of Size to Fit

The SOMAerect product range uniquely offers 5 cylinder sizing options so you can almost precisely find the diameter sizing option that neatly fits your fully rigid penis size. This prevents loose non-penile tissue from around the base of the penis (supra-pubic fat or scrotal skin) being drawn into the mouth of the cylinder during erection creation and being compressed uncomfortably with the transfer of the erection ring - as would be the case with a conventional vacuum therapy device. The use of SOMAerect ‘sizing’ technology guarantees a much more comfortable erection experience. The large range of re-useable erection maintenance rings, exclusive to SOMAerect, gives you an unparalleled choice to guarantee greater comfort and effectiveness in maintaining your vacuum induced erection.

One-piece manually operated device with Large, Medium and Standard cylinder sizing options. 3 Sizes high tension 'Ultra' Rings, 3 Sizes medium tension super-comfort 'Ultimate Surefit' rings, 3 Sizes low tension 'Select' Rings, 4 Sizes low tension easy removal 'SureEase' practice rings, 2 cushioned inserts, Ultra-Ease Ring loading System, 2 Sizes 'SureRelease' rings, lubricant, instruction DVD and guide-book (Erectile Dysfunction). Travel bag, one year warranty when purchased privately. 100% refund option within 90 days (minus £40 handling fee).

All patient types excluding extra-wide penile diameter. Including large to narrow penile diameter, poor manual dexterity, severe venous leak and hypersensitivity to ring pressure.


  • SOMAcorrect Xtra (Manual Version)
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