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NOVOGLAN NoVoInflator Silicone Foreskin Stretching Balloons Refill (4 pack)


NOVOGLAN NoVoInflator Silicone Foreskin Stretching Balloons Refill (4 pack)

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Refill pack of 4 only:

The Novoglan Precision engineered NoVoInflator Silicone Stretching Balloons (4 pack) contains the ultra powerful patented Novoglan Liquid Silicone Moulded Rubber Stretching balloons.

These state of the art surgical grade balloons are designed for men who need a much more potent stretch and are usually supplied via the hospital urology clinic. A previous purchase or concurrent purchase of the Novoglan Kit or combination products containing the kit must be made.


Why are these balloons more powerful than the standard Novoglan balloons?

The Novoglan Latex inflation balloons are made via the traditional latex drip system with extra latex and some silicone poweder injection. The latex balloons are effective, however, the maximum pressure they can apply is considerably less than the Novoglan Hospital Grade NovoInflator Silicone Stretching Balloons.

Using state of the art precsion engineering manufacturing process that ensures that the NoVoInflator balloon retain its planned shape at all times and the pressure applied evenly across the surface of the balloon.

These balloons should only be used when higher pressure levels are required compared to the standard Novoglan balloon.

Note - the pack only contains the 4 NovoInflator Balloons and not the Grommet. The Grommet is shown in the image for illustration purposes only and a replacement, if needed, must be purchased seperately.