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Device Customization and Correct Technique of Usage = SUCCESS

(improved compliance and user satisfaction)

REFER your PATIENTS USING THE SECURE EGRESS PLATFORM iMEDicare offer a unique blend of professional and patient product training in Clinical and Home environments which are designed to improve individual product customizability, user uptake and long-term patient compliance and satisfaction


Free Tele-Health

iMEDicare’s Team of 12 Full time Medical Device Area Representatives provide full UK and Ireland Coverage.

To cater for your patients informational and technical support requirements please be aware that our field representatives will be able to offer FREE telephone and tele-video consultation support ONLY in the days and weeks ahead in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic social movement restrictions. Our free home visit service will be suspended until further notice. Platforms supported, including others:

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Tele-Health consultations

Tele-Health consultations with your patients will include information on:

Which device to use - Moderate performance expectations - Device Assembly – Correct customization and technique of usage – Cleaning and maintenance – replacement components and accessories acquisition – warranty queries - safety concerns, warnings and contraindications – clinician feedback and formal reporting


Egress Protects patients’ sensitive data

Egress’s intelligent email and file sharing security protects patient data across the UK’s public and private healthcare network.

Egress encrypt all content and form details in transit and at rest, so that third parties can safely send PII and upload sensitive files. The Egress platform enables healthcare professionals to securely share and collaborate on sensitive information, regardless of third-party access to NHSmail and NHS SFTP. Learn more about the Egress platform here: