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UriCap Clinical


UriCap Clinical

The UriCap Female is safe and tested. Incontinence has serious effects on numerous patient conditions and workflows in hospitals.

UriCap Female, the first leak-free and external urine collection device for women.

Effective urine collection for women with urine incontinence is an area of women’s healthcare that has been slow to make change and is often times ignored. The current processes often lead to suffering and a low quality of life.

UriCap Female has been developed as the disposable, externally applied device that revolutionizes UI management for women.


Unfortunately iMEDicare is unable to supply UriCap outside of the UK and Ireland!

UriCap can only be supplied by iMEDicare to the UK and Ireland

To make your first experience with the UriCap an easy one, please watch our short application instructions video below.

UriCap Training Video


Overcoming risks and complications of UI

In line with evidence-based practice, Urinary Incontinence management with the UriCap Female can reduce the number of catheterizations, promoting a higher level of comfort and dignity for the patient.


UriCap Female is a unique solution for women

”UriCap Female is a unique solution for women and the only fixed external urine collection device that totally avoids the odor of urine, keeping the patient dry and thus avoiding the toxic effect of urine on the skin. At the same time, it enables the monitoring of dehydration status because UriCap Female allows you to observe the volume and the color of the urine.”

Dr Michael Cohn, MD. Founder


Is the UriCap Female appropriate for my patient?

The UriCap Female is appropriate for my patient when:

She is experiencing UI and mobility limitations (Bed or chair bound).

Needing to obtain a clean-catch urine sample Seeking drier nights and higher quality sleep.

At risk of falling from frequent urination/toilet use at night.

As a clinician UriCAP Female offers the possibility of avoiding catheters for: Urine specimen collection in female patients experiencing incontinence.

Patient urine output monitoring Safe and non-suction based urine collection


UriCap Female should not be used on women:

Sensitive or allergic to silicone With vaginal discharge, itch, inflammation, or other skin conditions.

Women with urinary retention.

With pelvic prolapse (stage 2 and up) 18 years or younger.


Clinical Evidence

In use since 2017, the UriCap has been tested in the US and in Israel. Product design was finalized after completion of two clinical studies and analysis of 1000+ user experiences.