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āfex Mobility Assisted

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āfex Mobility Assisted

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Zero VAT Rating Claim Conditions

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I am a UK Citizen, I suffer from Chronic urinary incontinence, and the following goods are being supplied to me for my personal use:

  • Afex Mobility Assisted



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Afex Mobility Assisted

The āfex system makes managing chronic male incontinence easier than ever. The 96% cotton boxer-briefs discreetly and securely hold a plastic ergonomic curved receptacle inside a front pocket that channels urine into a 500ml reusable collection bag. No tubes or straps are required - just attach the bag directly to the receptacle through the briefs for hours of use without maintenance or changing.

Featuring a low supersoft receptacle for comfortable extended daily wear that accommodates a wide range of motion, āfex Mobility Assisted, enables wheel-chair bound and mobility assisted men to lead active out-door lifestyles.

Simply connect the receptacle to the leg-bag via the extension tube and holster in the secure leg bag holder for immediate access to the great outdoors! The extension tube features a quick release coupler with auto-shutoff, preventing unwanted dripping when dis-connected from the leg-bag, enabling users to quickly and easily empty the bags in public lavatories for extended outdoor usage. Available in both white and black to co-ordinate with your clothing, the wide breathable surface of the leg-bag holder guarantees an irritation proof experience for sensitive skins.

For more information, please check out the following PDF document:

Afex Mobility Assisted Contents & NHS Codes

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