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Available On Prescription

Available On Prescription

All SOMAerect Vacuum Therapy devices are available on prescription!

All SOMAerect Vacuum Therapy devices are available on NHS FP10 prescription from your GP (subject to Schedule 11 restrictions - see part IXA Drug Tariff - appliances* with some regional variation in CCG prescribing practice).

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The SOMAerect GP and patient guide

For a full colour GP and Patient guide - call 01923237795. Prescriptions can be dispensed via your local pharmacy (orderline - 01923237795).

To qualify for an NHS prescription, you must have or have had either diabetes, prostate cancer, prostatectomy (includes TURP), multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, poliomyelitis, radical pelvic surgery – severe pelvic injury, renal failure treated by dialysis or transplant, single gene neurological disease, spinal cord injury or spina bifida. If you do not have one of these medical conditions, your GP has no obligation to issue you with an NHS prescription - however you still have the option to purchase your SOMAerect device directly from iMEDicare (life-time warranty and 90 day refund period as standard - terms and conditions apply).

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Free Demonstration!

Ask for a Free Hospital Demonstration

Simply call 01923237795 to find out how to arrange a free hospital demonstration in your local Urology or Diabetes outpatient clinic. Our fully medically trained and highly experienced technicians (over 40,000 demonstrations) will advise you in complete confidentiality how to use your SOMAerect Vacuum Therapy device to best effect and of course customize the device to your own personal requirements.


Find your Nearest Clinic

To find out how to access your local NHS Hospital iMEDicare SOMAerect Demonstration clinic, simply email us your name and postcode to, or via our Contact page


What comes with the SOMAerect Vacuum

Discreet Shipping - 90 day money back garuantee - Standard lifetime warranty - Instructions and accessories - Dedicated customer support