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Men’s Liberty™


Men’s Liberty™

Male External Catheter

  • Designed for everyday use.
  • Directs urine away from the skin.
  • A completely external urine collection system.
  • One size fits most anatomy.


Men’s Liberty is the discreet, dignified, dependable alternative for urinary incontinence that you have been looking for. It is made of a gentle, skin-friendly material called hydrocolloid, a proprietary adhesive that softly stretches and moves with a man as he changes position.

One Men’s Liberty keeps you dry and comfortable for up to 24 hours. Men’s Liberty is trusted, with over 5 million units used (N America). Unlike diapers that can cause diaper rash, yeast infections, and dermatitis, Men’s Liberty attaches to the tip of a man’s anatomy, directing urine to a discreet collection pouch. It’s comfortable, unnoticeable to others, and -best of all secure.