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NOVOGLAN Foreskin Conditioning Cream 50ml


NOVOGLAN Foreskin Conditioning Cream 50ml

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NOVOGLAN® Foreskin Conditioning Cream is scientifically formulated to help with foreskin elasticity.



Ideal for Mild Phimosis - Tight Foreskin in Men.

Helps to soften tight foreskin to assist in retraction

Rich Emollient Lotion Formula soothes, conditions and moisturises tight, dry and sensitive skin in the genital region 

Enriched with Vitamin E & Organic Plant Oils so it's perfectly safe for a man's skin DOWN THERE!

Tip: For best results, use consistently and apply both morning and night (after showering and before bedtime) 

Rich Emollient Cream Blended For Men's Foreskin Naturally rich emollient lotion specially formulated for a man's foreskin tissue.

This premium moisturising and conditioning cream is enriched with Vitamin E and a generous blend of organic oils from macadamia and sunflowers. These natural ingredients help with the softening and stretching of tight foreskin tissue 

Loose and flexible foreskin tissue with regular conditioning and moisturising. The NOVOGLAN rich emollient lotion formulation makes it suitable for use with mild phimosis. And unlike steroid creams that can have harsh side effects, the naturally rich NOVOGLAN Skin Conditioning Cream for Men, is gentle and safe for daily use.