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Next Generation Penile Traction Therapy Device



Next Generation Penile Traction Therapy Device

Developed in cooperation with Mayo Clinic for treatment of Peyronie’s disease and to correct lost penile length resulting from urological surgeries and treatments or chronic disease

  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Clinical Results for 2, 30-minute treatments/day for 12 weeks
  • 1.6 cm increase in length 28% reduction in curvature*
  • Penile Lengthening
  • Clinical Results demonstrate increased penile length after urological surgery or chronic disease*
  • Invented by a Urologist specializing in Men’s Sexual Health
  • Proprietary technologies include Opposite Angular Force 
  • Optimized Traction Zone
  • Designed, manufactured and serviced in the USA
  • 12-month limited-warranty
  • Shipped in discrete packaging


*See Clinical Results for more information

**RestoreX device accommodates stretched penile length of 3.75 to 10 inches


Restorex® for PD, 3 Month Data

A randomized, controlled clinical trial using the RestoreX device in men with Peyronie’s disease was completed at Mayo Clinic. Clinical results were published in The Journal of Urology in September 2019.


RestoreX® for PD - 6 Month Data

A data set representing results for those men having used RestoreX for 6 months. The first 3 months they used the device either 30, 60 or 90 minutes per day in 30-minute sessions. In the second 3 months they used any of the three time interval options.


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