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Pacey Cuff Powersleeves - pack of three

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Pacey Cuff Powersleeves - pack of three

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Introducing: The Pacey Cuff™ Power Sleeve

The Pacey Cuff™ Power Sleeve is a new, protective sleeve designed to complement the Pacey Cuff Turbo. Designed, developed and manufactured in Vancouver, BC Canada along with the Pacey Cuff Turbo or Ultra and Pacey Cuff Guard. Recommended for use by men in conjunction with the Pacey Cuff Turbo or Ultra, to reduce any incidence of pinching and increase overall comfort.

YOU’LL DISCOVER: All day comfort with more protection and comfort than found with other men's incontinence products. Get back to doing what matters most, without the worry of leaks.

AN INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Our uniquely reusable Power Sleeve uses a durable, thin neoprene fabric to ensure a comfortable and odour-free solution. OUR BRAND PROMISE: The Pacey Cuff Power Sleeve is a supplementary device that adds value and comfort to the innovative Pacey Cuff Turbo device by providing a protective barrier between the skin and the device.

Available in Small, Medium and Large Sizes. Three per pack!