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Erectile Dysfunction - Self-Assessment Quiz

Do you suspect you have ED? This quiz is designed to help you determine your level of penile health. Please answer the following questions and share your results with your physician. Your physician plays a vital role in helping improve your penile health and should be consulted if you have questions regarding your symptoms, health, and medications.

1. Rate your self-confidence in achieving or maintaining an erection.

2. How often are your erections hard enough for sexual intercourse (penetration)?

3. After penetration, how long are you able to maintain your erections?

4. During sexual intercourse, how often are you able to maintain your erection to completion?

5. Rate your satisfaction when you attempted sexual intercourse?

Your ED self assessment score is:

If your score is 21 or less, you may be showing signs of erectile dysfunction and may want to speak with your physician concerning treatment options.