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NOVOGLAN Personal Lubricant 100ml


NOVOGLAN Personal Lubricant 100ml

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NOVOGLAN Personal Lubricant (100ml)

Is specifically formulated to be gentle on the foreskin and glans.

With no fragrance, silicone or other man-made chemicals, this scientifically formulated water based personal lubricant is ideal for use on a regular basis to reduce the risk of inflammation of the foreskin during sexual activity which further reduces the risk of tightening of the foreskin in men susceptible to phimosis ( tight foreskin ).

NOVOGLAN Personal Lubricant simulates the body’s own lubricants but when delivered in larger quantity ensures a safe and effective means of providing the lubrication you need whilst reducing friction and inflammation of your foreskin.

NOVOGLAN Personal Lubricant is safe to use with all other NOVOGLAN products including the NOVOGLAN Gentle Foreskin Stretcher.

So what's the difference between standard lubricant and NOVOGLAN Personal Lubricant? Many ordinary lubricants usually contain many nasty chemicals that increase irritation and risk of inflammation. These chemicals allow for a low cost means of achieving stability and increasing shelf life. The downside is that they increase the risk of side effects especially inflammation, which exacerbates a tight foreskin.

NOVOGLAN supplies a hypo-allergenic water based lubricant.