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BioDerm® Male Continence Device


Effective male urinary incontinence management

Effective management of male urinary incontinence should provide patients with a sense of comfort and security.

Traditional methods of managing urinary incontinence such as sheaths are not suitable for every individual, can cause painful skin damage and leave some patients feeling degraded. Fortunately, there is another option, BioDerm.


A one size male continence device

What is BioDerm?

  • BioDerm (Also known as Men's Liberty Acute) is a one size external continence device exclusively for men Can stay in place for up to 48 hours, providing a longer lasting solution to sheaths
  • Attaches to just the tip of the penis so that urine flows away from the skin
  • Made from skin-friendly hydrocolloid and 100% latex free, BioDerm can be used on sore or fragile skin
  • Moulds to your shape and size, moving with the skin whilst offering comfort, confidence and dignity Has an integrated tube that can be attached to a leg or night drainage bag


Is BioDerm right for me?

BioDerm is suitable for all men both circumcised and uncircumcised. However, to use BioDerm you must be able to gently pull back the foreskin (if present). If the foreskin doesn’t move then BioDerm is not the right product for you.

BioDerm may be suitable if:

  • You are a sheath user and you are experiencing leaks or your sheath falling off during the day or at night, disrupting your sleep
  • You are a sheath user and you have sore or fragile skin You have retracted anatomy or retracted anatomy when sitting
  • Your anatomy has a narrow shaft and a larger tip You have frequent erections, causing your current product to dislodge
  • Be aware of the initial adaptation phase when choosing a convenient time to start using BioDerm.


Order codes on NHS Prescription

Product Name Order Code Qty
BioDerm XLS, Oval, One size fits all 20026/10 10

Instructions for how to apply BioDerm

BioDerm How to use 1

  1. Wash the penis and under foreskin (if present) with warm water and plain non-moisturising soap. Dry thoroughly. Keep foreskin backcompletely throughout application.
  2. You may wish to apply a barrier wipe such as Bio Plus + Barrier Film Wipe to aid adhesion. Do not use creams or lotions on penis as this will affect the adhesion ofBioDerm
  3. Prior to application ensure vent is facing upwards in line with the top 2 petals.
  4. Remove release papers from petals and position BioDerm over urinary opening. Avoid touching any of the adhesive areas throughout application
  5. Avoid touching adhesive where possible. Smooth 3 petals on the underside of the penis first and hold for a few seconds. Smooth down the 4petals on top and hold again to ensure a complete seal.
  6. Align and centre the adhesive collar under the middle of the tip of the penis, making sure it is centred at the nub. Use the nub to position theadhesive collar
  7. Pull the release paper to apply the collar around the head of the penis, flat and covering the petals on both sides. Press and hold for 10-15 seconds to secure the seal.
  8. Where present, return foreskin to natural positon over seal. If you are unable to do this, remove BioDerm by soaking in warm water and contact your healthcare professional before trying the product again
  9. Connect the BioDerm tube to the tube of a urine collection bag. Secure the long tube of the bag with a fixation device such as CathGrip® to aid comfort and minimise risk of pulling. BioDerm has a universal connector meaning it can connect to any standard leg or night drainage bag


BioDerm  How to Use 2



BioDerm How to Use 3

BioDerm removal

  • Do not pull seal off skin to remove.
  • Remove BioDerm by wrapping a warm wet flannel around the area and leave it for a couple of minutes until the hydrocolloid seal turns white or milky in
  • colour and BioDerm falls off. If the seal does not release by soaking in warm water, use a medical adhesive remover such as FreeDerm Adhesive Remover.
  • Dispose of BioDerm in a waste bin. Do NOT flush down the toilet.
  • IFU last revised December 2018

Adaption phase

  • If you are new to BioDerm please take some time to familiarise yourself with the adaptation phase before applying your first BioDerm.
  • This phase normally takes 24-72 hours after the first application depending on the condition of the skin (this is not always visible). During this period BioDerm may need to be replaced more often, whilst the hydrocolloid absorbs any excess moisture.
  • If this happens you must put another BioDerm immediately back on and be committed to this adaptation phase while the hydrocolloid returns the skin back to its natural balance.
  • If wear time does not increase after 72 hours, please call the iMEDicare Customer Services for advice: 01923237795 or email

Useful hints for new users:

  • Remember to press and hold the faceplate and seal while applying BioDerm to allow the warmth of your skin to help with adhesion. Don’t touch the adhesive side of the hydrocolloid during application as this will affect it sticking well.
  • Gently hold foreskin back throughout the entire application process. After application, return foreskin to natural position to cover the seal.
  • Make sure the area is thoroughly dry and do not use creams, lotions, ointments and liquid moisturising soaps on the tip of the penis as these will stop BioDerm from sticking to the skin
  • Connect to a leg, or a night drainage bag as needed. To ensure drainage, the collection bag should be below the level of BioDerm


What people have said

The benefits


BioDerm is gentle on the skin

  • BioDerm is made of a very thin, 100% latex free, hydrocolloid material, making it extremely skin friendly and suitable for latex allergy sufferers.
  • This male continence device fits onto the tip of the penis, not over the shaft like traditional sheaths, allowing the skin to breath and the urine to be directed away from the body making urination as natural as possible.
  • BioDerm’s unique tubing encourages urine to flow away from the penis; thereby, preventing ‘back-flow’.


BioDerm gives peace of mind and protection

  • The hydrocolloid petals and collar form a secure seal that can stay in place for longer than traditional sheaths.
  • The latex free hydrocolloid moulds to your shape and size for a comfortable leak free fit BioDerm can be connected to any standard leg or night drainage bag.
  • BioDerm is also suitable for both circumcised and uncircumcised men, as well as men with retracted anatomy

What is male urinary incontinence?

Male urinary incontinence is any involuntary leakage of urine. It can be a common and distressing problem which may have a profound impact on the quality of a man’s life.

What are the risk factors for male urinary incontinence?

Risk factors can include:

  • Increasing age – urinary incontinence becomes more common as you get older
  • Family history – there may be a genetic link to male incontinence
  • Disability – conditions affecting your brain or spinal cord such as multiple sclerosis or dementia.
  • Prostatectomy – an operation to remove your prostate gland, for example, if you have prostate cancer
  • Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) – symptoms that affect the bladder and urethra

What is the adaptation phase?

BioDerm is made from a hydrocolloid material which is skin-friendly and sticks well with the warmth of your skin. When you first start using BioDerm if your skin is very damp you may need to replace BioDerm more often. This is because the hydrocolloid has absorbed the excess moisture. If this happens you must put another BioDerm immediately back on and be committed to this adaptation phase while the hydrocolloid returns the skin back to its natural balance. This phase normally takes 24-72 hours after the first application depending on the condition of the skin.


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