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QiVi FEC Female External Urine Management Device


QiVi FEC Female External Urine Management Device

First, Truly External Urine Management solution

99.6% Accurate Output

Accurate output measurement to assess fluid balance, hydration status and key bodily functions.


75% CAUTI Reduction*

Up to 75% of all Hospital acquired Urinary Tract Infections are associated with Indwelling Urinary Catheters.


48% faster flow*

Proprietary flow enhancing, non absorbing material keeps the anatomy dry and eliminates chances of skin maceration, IAD.


Cranial Suction Tube

No rigid components under the patients, prevents MDRPI. Works in supine, lateral, and seated positions.


Universal fit design.

Only suction catheter that works on retracted penis or abdominal pannus.

Pouch orifice fits snugly eliminating chances of penile strangulation


Novel derma-friendly adhesive

Contours to the suprapubic region providing secure adhesion.

Silicon based adhesive facilitates trauma-free removal and works even in the presence of moderate hair follicles.


Pleated Pouch Design

Advanced pleated pouch design adds additional volume to the device.

Works on patients with varied anatomies.

One size fits all so no need to stock multiple sizes.


Adequate Microclimate

Multiple Air vents help provide adequate microclimate around the anatomy and keep the patient dry, minimizing IAD and infections.

QiVi External Female Urine Management Device

QiVi Truly External Female Urine Management Device


Lookin for a better female urine managament device?

Have you tried a female external urine management device (PureWick or PrimaFit or Versette) or are you looking for a better external urine management device for the female anatomy?

Sheath catheters (colloquially known as condom catheters) have been around for 30+ years. Recently, external urine management devices for the female anatomy that use wick or absorbent pads were commercialized. These devices get placed between the labia of the patient and work well when patients have high BMI.

Are you struggling with petite patients or does your current wicking device keep getting dislodged/leaking on petite patients?

Are you looking to avoid any potential necrosis of the labia?

QiVi– Female External Urine Management Device (FEC) is designed to be a truly external device that sits over the female anatomy. The QiVi female catheter device is pliable on two axis (left/right between thighs, and forward/backward to reach the perinium), which allows the nurse to place the device comfortably on most patient types.

The external device prevents necrosis on the labia and a pliable device provides a comfortable placement between the legs of the patient.

The QiVi’s unique adhesive design compensates for areas on the anatomy that might be sensitive (innervation) and have follicles. Just like QiVi – Male External Catheter, we fundamentally believe that wicking or absorbing urine in a device is the wrong approach. It is like soaking up a diaper and then trying to dry it by suctioning fluid away using a straw.


QiVi –(FEC) uses proprietary polymers

QiVi –(FEC) uses proprietary polymers which facilitate the flow of fluid towards a pre-determined location on the device, from where two suction tubes transfer the fluid to an external canister.

As you know, women are more likely to get a urinary tract infection (UTI), so any contaminated fluid that lingers longer near the urethral opening increases the risk factor.

QiVi – Female External Urine Management device can be used at home in conjunction with our QiVi – AUM (Accurate urine measurement), allowing patients to sleep better at night and prevent falls.


Soft and secured adhesion

Derma friendly, flexible adhesive that works even in the presence of moderate hair follicles Neutral patch on adhesive reduces discomfort and sensation


Cranial Suction Tube

Prevents entanglement of tubing with the patient’s legs.

Works in supine, lateral, and seated position

Enhances patient comfort and ease of care

qivi_fec8.png (1)

Comfortable Fit

Flexible frame contours the anatomy keeping the device in place, reducing instances of leakage.

Taut adhesive aids in adequate adhesion and offsets anchoring to suprapubic region.


Truly External and Universal Fit

Device designed to fit over the anatomy; doesn’t require labial parting, reducing chances of PI’s and necrosis.

Soft, breathable, non-absorbent material keeps the skin dry and provides adequate microclimate

Non invasive design, prevents CAUTI